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From Brighton to Yorkshire, we’ve got a camp for you. Plus, we’re rapidly growing.

And we’ve worked hard to provide select premium locations. You can expect great locations, beautiful vistas, natural surroundings and fantastic trainers as a minimum.

Our locations are generally within expanses of parkland, within the grounds of prestigious and inspiring buildings, or within the grounds of well-facilitated private schools.

Of course, it’s ideal to be as close to home as possible when working out – you can jump in the car, run down to the location, exercise in privacy, feel great camaraderie and have fantastic fun for the hour, then return home with ease ready to just get on with your day.

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That’s why we’re working hard to provide more and more locations to satisfy the demand: we constantly get requests from women asking for programmes to start in their child’s school, or near their town centre. So if YOU don’t find a programme near YOUR neighbourhood, drop us an email here or call us today and we’ll put it on our map!

You see, we’re passionate about spreading the word of fun rewarding exercise and we’re committed to get you revitalized and tip-top for life – So let us help you by telling us where you are!